Judge weighs expanding family separation lawsuit

Democrat predicts House will get Trump’s tax returns - but there are a few complications


House Democrats Ask For Secret Copy Of President's Taxes...


Access to Mueller report and evidence may be guided by Congress... 

The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since Civil War...

Trump, adult children urge dismissal of marketing scam lawsuit

North Carolina orders new U.S. House election after 'tainted' vote

Trump administration ends California talks on auto emissions: White House

Putin makes new threats

Dogs keep calling 911 - why?...

WEEKEND: Will NETFLIX $25M Oscar Campaign Win Best Pic?

Win Would Signify Hollywood Invasion...

VANITY FAIR disinvites NYT from its party...

Potential hot mess - is it must-see TV?

BILLION DOLLAR LISTING: 'Mountain of Beverly Hills' Cuts Price....

Former Trump campaign chief Manafort to be sentenced March 8

Woman who joined Islamic State cannot return to U.S., Pompeo says

Is the American Autobahn next? How states are pushing highway speeds past the limit

Don Nelson on what he's been doing since leaving NBA: 'I've been smoking some pot'

FBI to keep USA population DNA in database

China bans millions from transit

Papal abuse charges

Highest amount of immigrants ever

Brother fears Spacey suicide

Drunken gambler brawls with cops

Teachers striking in West Virginia

Top EPA law firm profits with air rules roll back

House moving 'swiftly' to block Trump

Muller report coming next week

U.S. Coast Guard officer accused of terror plot could face more charges

San Francisco police officer pleads guilty to robbing banks...

Park ranger furloughed in shutdown wins $29.5 million New Jersey jackpot
Military spouses experience high stress and unemployment, report says

As NFL scouting combine looms, Kyler Murray will face plenty of tough questions

Why investors should read Warren Buffett's letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders

Cosby targeted by mass murderer

Review of yearbooks find rampant racism

Napkin implicates 1993 murderer

Froot Loops mini donuts coming back!

Bill Gates promotes Leonardo's Innovation

Tucker Carlson's profanity-laced interview

Creation of white homeland thwarted

Trump collusion keeps going

White House pushing for coup in VenezuelaWhite House pushing for coup in Venezuela

Smolett Charged with Crime

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